FOOD SERVICE Aluminum Foil Grill / Oven / RTC Bags With Self Venting Window (3 Pack – Large)



The Aluminum Foil Grill / Oven Bags are uncoated foil bags with a self venting window that can be used on the grill or in the oven. Ideal for year-round grilling, oven applications, tailgating, camping and more! Offering a unique solution for healthy and convenient cooking and storage. 

  • Self-venting window constructed of FDA approved food grade polyester film is uniquely designed to maintain seal at low tempartures and vent excess team during cooking 
  • Easily peel away window and servce directly from the bag 
  • Foods can be prepared in advanced, stored in the bag, placed in the fridge, cooler or freezer, and cooked only when you are ready to eat! 
  • Ideal for a single dish or a complete meal such as fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and even dessert 
  • Innovative anti-leaking seal technology enhances strength of seams and prevents leaks 

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Weight 454 g